10 Song Titles that Everyone Gets Wrong

Have you ever confidently tried to search for a song online only to find it doesn’t actually exist, at least not by the name you’re searching for? We’ve all fallen victim to the name games of artists who choose to name their songs something other than the phrase everyone remembers.

We’ve created this list of commonly mistaken song titles to keep you in the know and dazzling at trivia night.

10. Call On Me

This Steve Winwood classic is actually called “Valerie”. As he croons, “Valerie, call on me” it’s easy to see why someone would drop the “Valerie” or at least expect “call on me” to be somewhere in the title.

9. Numa Numa

The predecessor of “The Chipmunk Song”, “Gangnam Style” and all the other viral songs we’re embarrassed to admit we listened to over and over again, “Numa Numa” is actually named “Dragostea Din Tei”. Moldovan pop group O-Zone would probably understand why the name didn’t quite catch on worldwide.

8. Take Me to the Place I Love

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ only friend, the city of angles. Singing about LA affectionately throughout the song, they ask to be taken to the place they love throughout the song. It’s understandable why we’ve forgotten over the years that the song is actually known as “Under the Bridge”.

7. I Would Walk 500 Miles

This pub classic by The Proclaimers is likely to get everyone shouting about how they would walk 500 miles, and how they would walk another 500 more after. It’s no surprise listeners were shocked to realize the actual name of the song to be the slightly less catchy “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”.

6. Memories

Barbra Sreisand does croon about memories about “The Way We Were” during the song, but drops the “memories” part in the official title of the song. She does talk about the smiles that made up the way they were throughout the song, so we can allow the song is technically about more than just memories.

5. Teenage Wasteland

The Who released an anthem for disenfranchised teenagers everywhere when they released “Baba O’Riley”, perhaps not expecting the idea that it would be known as “Teenage Wasteland” until the end of time.

4. What’s Going On?

AS the 4 Non Blondes continually ask “what’s going on?” throughout the song, it’s easy to see why one would expect that to translate to the song title – except the song is actually called “What’s Up?” It’s speculated the group wanted to avoid confusion, as Marvin Gaye already had a song called “What’s Going On?” but we have to say, we’re still confused.

3. I Like Big Butts

It’s honestly pretty acceptable to request “I Like Big Butts”. Everyone knows what you’re talking about, and it’s what comes to mind immediately when thinking about Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic ode to the posterior “Baby Got Back”.

2. Piña Colada Song

Rupert Holmes’s originally titled “Escape” became so synonymous with Piña Coladas after the song’s release that he actually had to rename the song to “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”. If you like Piña Coladas, you’ll know exactly what song we’re talking about either way.

1. I Get Knocked Down

Perhaps the kings of names that stick out like a sore thumb, Chumbawumba did us all dirty when they named the song we almost all colloquially know as “I Get Knocked Down” or “I Get Up Again”. Instead of going for the obvious, the band stuck with their offbeat naming conventions and went with “Tubthumping”.